About Us

Dallas has become known as a city always on the move, where trends and styles change as often, as quickly, and as unpredictably as the Texas weather.

Fortunately, there’s Luckys Cafe, a haven away from the traffic and the noise. We serve great food with a smile in an atmosphere that feels just like home.

Originally the location for Phil’s Diner, Luckys is nestled in the heart of the Oak Lawn neighborhood, home to a diverse and eclectic population of people. From high-end fashion boutiques to art galleries to the trendiest haute cuisine, there’s something for everybody.

But people seem to keep coming back to Luckys. Maybe it’s because we partner with local and regional farms who provide the freshest, natural ingredients. Or maybe it’s because our menu boasts traditional home-style favorites like chicken fried steak or buttermilk pancakes. Or maybe it’s because the wraparound window provides the perfect venue to take in all that the neighborhood has to offer.

Join us for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or brunch on the weekend for food that never goes out of style.